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Today's corporate leaders recognize the gaps between human capital investment and organizational outcomes.

Bellevue University developed the Ph.D. in Human Capital Management for those in a position to do something about it.

  • Chief Learning Officers who have a real need to make more sophisticated, scientific decisions about how to invest in their people.

  • CFOs and Accountants who want to be able to "speak the language" and better account for intangible investments.

  • Mid- to Senior-Level Analysts and Training Professionals who need skills to measure the outcomes of human capital investments.

  • Organizational Development Specialists whose jobs go beyond training into other interventions, such as mentoring, survey feedback, or counseling, and who need tools to better answer the question about the outcomes of such investments and programs.

  • Management/Business Consultants who want a better toolset to assess their learning programs, and offer that as a service to their clients.

  • Professionals at institutions such as SHRM, HRAM, and ASTD who need a focused Ph.D. that will allow them to serve their membership better.

  • Educators who require the highest attainable degree focusing on human capital related areas.

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