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The students in the Ph.D. program represent numerous industries and hold leadership positions in some of the nation's foremost organizations.

The students in the Ph.D. program consult with the faculty and practicing scholars to write and publish work throughout the program.

The students in the Ph.D. program are learning to apply the latest thinking in human capital management in their organizations.

Cheryl Kelley

Hire and Inspire, LLC

I own a thriving business consulting company by the name of Hire and Inspire, LLC. The mission of the company is to align people around strategy. The core foundation of the organization is built on the premise that if you hire the right people and inspire them it will yield positive business results. I partner with executive leadership teams to find high impact ways to unleash the potential of their human capital. I pride myself on understanding the connection between healthy organizational cultures and bottom-line results In addition; I am an adjunct professor of management for the College of St. Scholastica. I primarily teach Organization Development and Organizational Behavior. I have a Master of Arts in Organizational Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Government.

What I hope to gain from this program

My interest in the Ph.D. in Human Capital Management are numerous but all center around a strong desire to educate students, employees and management teams on the importance of investing in their human capital. I have witnessed first-hand how companies can create competitive differentiation by understanding what drives employees, creating motivating environments for them to perform in and giving job assignments that are challenging in nature. Understanding these fundamental principles can lead to increased profitability, engagement and customer satisfaction. I have spent the last twenty years building a foundation of understanding so I can share best practices on how to get the optimal levels of performance out of the human capital of an organization.