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The students in the Ph.D. program represent numerous industries and hold leadership positions in some of the nation's foremost organizations.

The students in the Ph.D. program consult with the faculty and practicing scholars to write and publish work throughout the program.

The students in the Ph.D. program are learning to apply the latest thinking in human capital management in their organizations.

Ofelia Morera

Group Manager

Ofelia Morera has 15 years of corporate experience; most of her career has been in the highly competitive Telecom industry. Under her leadership, her teams have consistently exceeded annual objectives and revenue growth.

Ofelia possesses two graduate degrees in the fields of Marketing and Media. With her PhD in Human Capital Management, she intends to use her corporate and academic experience to pursue her passion to coach, lecture and write on the subject of people and leadership development as a means to achieve "universal" gain.

What I hope to gain from this program

I am hoping this PhD program will provide me with the skill set necessary to research, write and teach. My intention is to reinforce my extensive field experience with a strong educational knowledge and pursue an academic career.