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Undraye P. Howard

Vice President of Intellectual Capital
Alliance for Children and Families

Undraye Howard is the Vice President of Intellectual Capital at the Alliance for Children and Families with primary responsibility in creating, supporting, developing and delivering knowledge, products and services that moves the human services sector forward primarily for its membership. The Alliance is a national membership association of nonprofit child and family serving agencies across America. These agencies collectively provide services in thousands of communities and serve millions of people. The Alliance, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, supports nonprofit agencies through direct services to members and policy leadership through its office in Washington, DC.

Prior to joining the Alliance, Undraye served as the Executive Director for a nonprofit human service organization. Major responsibilities included organizing board governance, strategic planning and implementation, program design and development of various child and family welfare programming as well as the development and implementation of a broad range of community programs for adults. Undraye also operated his own business as a leadership consultant to a number of non profit human service organizations, providing leadership development consultation, coaching, training and organizational development as well as race and diversity training and awareness. Undraye also serves as an on-call adjunct professor at several local universities teaching in the areas of diversity and race, youth work, ethics and boundaries, human services skills and techniques, and many communication based courses. Undraye Howard is most known and admired for his belief in driving for positive change and making a difference in the lives of humanity.

Undraye has a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing; a master’s degree in communication with special interest in training and development; Undraye also serves on several human service organizations within the greater Milwaukee area. Currently Undraye Howard serves as a faculty member at the University Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Continuing Education and Ottawa University with a focus on leadership development, nonprofit organization and communication curriculum.

Undraye is passionate about children and families and believes strongly in the impactful engagement of addressing racial disparity and socioeconomic issues through strong advocacy, prudent organizational delivery and the development of public policy in dealing with these issues that plague families and communities.