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Loretta A. Howard

Communication Skills Instructor
Waukesha County Technical College

Loretta A. Howard is a full-time Communication Skills Instructor at Waukesha County Technical College. In this capacity she works with a diverse student population to assist them with Oral / Interpersonal Communication skills such as: Practicing the necessary skills for effective speech delivery, listening, assertiveness, conflict resolution, teamwork and general interpersonal communication. While in her Written Communication Course students, study and practice a process approach to writing which includes planning, drafting and revising documents in various writing styles. Gain proficiency in the areas of critical thinking, organization, clarity, accuracy, and directness and APA style.

Loretta is also the president of Howard Communication Strategy Consultants, LLC. In her role she oversees strategic direction of the company and consults with business leaders to identify training needs through gap and skills analysis. Her background and career experience have been diverse over the past 20+ years. Her unique background enables her to skillfully combine theoretical concepts with solid business practice to identify and support sustainable solutions on both an individual and organizational level.

Loretta has previously worked for the banking, financial services, and telecommunications industries in the areas of customer service, training and development and call center management. Her career expanded to the social services industry as an employer relations specialist; county government as a human resources specialist and administrator; manufacturing as a management and leadership consultant; and academics as a director of career services and adjunct instructor. Loretta has drawn on her educational and professional experience to design training programs that contribute to an effective and efficient work environment.

Loretta earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Professional Communication from Alverno College in Milwaukee, WI and a Master of Arts degree in Communications from U.W.-Milwaukee in Milwaukee, WI.