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The students in the Ph.D. program represent numerous industries and hold leadership positions in some of the nation's foremost organizations.

The students in the Ph.D. program consult with the faculty and practicing scholars to write and publish work throughout the program.

The students in the Ph.D. program are learning to apply the latest thinking in human capital management in their organizations.

Barbara Ahrens

Waukee High School

Barbara Ahrens has over ten years of experience in the business community and over fifteen years in the educational community. Currently, she is employed at Waukee High School, where she instructs traditional and hybrid (online) business classes at the high school and collegiate level.

Ms. Ahrens has extensive expertise in developing traditional classroom and online curriculum for business classes, such as Accounting, Small Business Management, and Marketing. Currently, within her school district, Ms. Ahrens serves as a Chief Negotiator with her local education association for approximately five-hundred educational professionals.

Ms. Ahrens also has wide-ranging experience in the business arena via Project Management, Training and Development and various other business roles.

Ms. Ahrens educational background entails Simpson College with a BA in Business Management and a secondary education endorsement. She also completed her Masters of Business Administration – Organizational Development through Upper Iowa University.

Paragraph describing what I hope to gain from the Ph.D. Program in Human Capital Management

Education, leadership and a desire to make a difference have been the pinnacles of my personal and professional success. The Human Capital Management Ph.D. Program at Bellevue University provides the opportunity to maximize my full potential as a business educator/researcher and continue to pay forward my experiences and knowledge in the academia and business arenas. The education provided via Bellevue University will improve my own professional base to better understand the inner-workings of the educational organization, culture, climate, organizational development, financials, and human resources; thus, allowing me to make immediate contributions to the educational and business environments. Translated, this means continuing to make a positive difference in the lives of others, through education and business expertise.