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The students in the Ph.D. program represent numerous industries and hold leadership positions in some of the nation's foremost organizations.

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The students in the Ph.D. program are learning to apply the latest thinking in human capital management in their organizations.

Ruth Ault-Somogyi

Manager HR Metrics & Technology Independence
Blue Cross

Ruth Ault-Somogyi has almost 20 years of diverse experience in internal audit, financial analysis, information systems, and human resources. Currently Manager of HR Metrics & Technology for a large regional health insurer in Philadelphia, PA, Ruth and her team are accountable for supporting the company’s talent systems and providing measurement and reporting of human capital data for the enterprise. Additionally, Ruth facilitates the annual operating plan development for the human resources division and prepares periodic presentations to two Committees of the company’s Board of Directors.

Ruth earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Temple University and Masters of Business Administration from Drexel University. She lives in the Philadelphia suburbs with her husband and two children.

What I hope to gain from this program:

In today’s business environment there is a laser focus on human capital, both as a cost driver and as an integral component of organizational success. While on one hand organizations seek to drive revenue and consumer engagement, people programs may be seen as an area of opportunity to positively affect expense. These programs, everything from benefits to leadership development, are often accompanied by a considerable cost yet represent an investment in an organization’s people, an employment benefit to many, and an integral component of the “give and the get” of an employee value proposition.

My natural curiosity to understand the influence of programs on employee and organizational outcomes has permeated my roles as budget liaison and HR metrics leader. With a wide swath of associate preferences, experience, job responsibilities, and management styles, just to name a few, it is critical to understand what influences employee and business outcomes so that knowledge can inform program design. Time and money are precious resources and we are compelled, as business leaders and corporate stewards, to leverage a data-driven approach to effectively and efficiently demonstrate the efficacy of programs and wisely invest in our people.

W. Edward Deming is oft attributed as having said, “In God we trust, all others bring data.” For all business leaders, including HR professionals, Deming’s statement has never been more relevant than today. Bellevue’s Ph.D. in Human Capital Management will provide me with the knowledge and tools necessary to fuse together my budget and metrics roles to create rich insights about people programs and their benefits, thereby adding value to short- and long-term strategic business planning.