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The students in the Ph.D. program represent numerous industries and hold leadership positions in some of the nation's foremost organizations.

The students in the Ph.D. program consult with the faculty and practicing scholars to write and publish work throughout the program.

The students in the Ph.D. program are learning to apply the latest thinking in human capital management in their organizations.

Ashraf Ismail

Office Manager

Ashraf Ismail holds a Bachelor of Social Work from The Higher Institute of Social Work, Cairo-Egypt. In addition, he holds an MBA from University of La Verne with a focus on Leadership and Management. Although his career goals are not quite set, Ashraf is interested in factors that result in the elimination of poverty and the interdependence between human capital and growth. He read extensively and try to keep regularly up to date with current political and economic affairs in the US and around the world by reading different articles daily and browsing videos through the Internet, which gave him a great insight into some of the economical and political dilemmas in some parts around the world.

What I hope to gain from this program: I hope to increase my educational quality and the depth of knowledge. This program will allow me to continue to learn in an academic environment, providing the forum and opportunity for discussions and debates that would facilitate my personal and professional growth.